Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Week 11 - half marathon!

Sunday - Lehigh Valley Health Network for VIA half marathon. Results: time - 1:48:55, place - 14/136 AG (ages 18-34), Overall - 93/514

Mon - recovery run, slow, 30 min.
Tues - 5 miles w/Lilly, on path, time - 38:09

week 10

Sunday - rest
Monday - Forks Labor Day 5K, time - 23:45 (PR)
Tues - rest
Weds - 9 miles for 9/9/09, time - 1:07
Thurs - rest
Friday - 4 miles, time - 31:??
Sat - rest

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

week 9

Sunday: 3 mile recovery run. flat path. (time - 25:54). Must work on pacing. Tried to be slow/conversational.
Monday: rest
Tues: 4 mi. flat paved course.
Weds: 7.5 mi., hills, with Lilly time: 58 min. Felt great!!
Thurs - rest, tired, sore calf and hip :(
Friday - rest
Sat - 16.25, longest run ever. time - 2:24. Last 3 miles were nearly unbearable. Tough!!

week 8 - back to school

This week was a whirlwind. Will just post the stats.

Sunday: rest
Monday: bike, moderate difficulty. 14:54 mi. (Time: 1:22)
Tues: 4 mi, flat path
Weds: 7 mi, flat path
Thurs: rest - hip pain
Fri: rest
Sat.: 15 mi, roads, rolling terrain, 2 wicked hills. 2 GUs. (Time: 2:10:49) +1 mi walk back to house. Most painful walk of my life. Ice bath was welcomed!


It's a tad late..but here's my report on the Saturday 5k.

Felt pretty good considering I had just tackled 14 (my farthest ever) the day before. It was an evening race, @ 5PM, so that was new. It had been cloudy and humid all day, but about an hour before race time, the sun came out and temps climbed. It was about 95 degrees with oppressive humidity. The kind of hot where sweat rolls down your back just because it can.
Ok, race time. I was ready, but uncertain of what this "recovery" run/race would hold for me. I'd never run the day after a long run. The course was fairly flat with a few small hills. Not too bad, really. I had comfortable start, but tired early...or earlier than I'm used to. I was really feeling it about half way through, and by about mile 3, thought I might puke.
There were lots of students in the race, as it was sponsored by a HS x-country team. At one point, I saw a young kid start to walk, then run, then walk again. He looked to be really hurting/wiped out. I passed him, he passed me, and by the time I knew the finish was near, I was just about keeping pace with him. As he slowed to walk, I started to pass, and just said, "C'mon, you can finish this. It's not far now." He started to run again...a fast burst. I was about to round the corner to the final little stretch, and there he was, about to walk again. I told him to go...the finish was in sight. I think I yelled go go go...I don't remember. All I know is that the kid ran his guts out that last stretch and he finished running. It was a cool thing to see.
Me, I finished with a time of 25:24. I couldn't complain...didn't know what would happen, and I felt I gave what I had in me at the time. It was by far not my best time, but I wasn't expecting that. I managed 4th in my AG. Not sure how many there were total. The whole race, I think, had about 100 ppl in it. Pretty small.
Overall, it was a good experience. I had fun and my family was there with me. And I ran...

Friday, August 21, 2009

week 7

Tough week. Tired. So tired. High temps and humidity all week. Oppressive.
Sunday: X-train. elliptical, 60 min @25 elev. & 10 resistance. @ 50-60 rpm. (I have no idea what that info means, but I did a lot of sweating.)
Monday: 4 miles on path. Mostly flat, slight hill. Time - ? PM run...yeah, not a big fan.
Tuesday: 7 miles on path. Time=1:02. Slow, tough. Stopped twice. Boo. :(
Weds: 4 miles. 15 min on treadmill, immed. followed by road run. Time=? It was messy. I officially HATE the treadmill.
Thursday: rest
Friday: 14 miles on path. Time=1:58:02. Very pleased with the time. Heat and humidity were at all time high. Stopped once for GU and H2O, twice to let Lilly get water in the creek. Feeling a satisfied exhaustion. Really sore right lwr gluteus. Oh, and I attempted my first ice bath. Hated it. (Are you supposed to yell out from the chilling pain? Maybe I did something wrong.) Only made it 5 min. Haha. Pansy.
Saturday: planned 5K @ 5 PM. We'll see. Update to follow.

Monday, August 17, 2009

bonus - a rut?

So, it's Monday nite. Should have been a rest day, but I had to tweak b/c I decided to run a 5K race this Sat. nite, and that's normally my long run day. Issue: Feeling so tired!
So, yesterday was a x-train day. I did an elliptical w/o for 60 min. It was my first ever. It was a little boring, but not terrible. It felt like a good w/o, but I have no idea how to gauge it. It felt tough as I moved along, raised the incline and resistance...and I was pouring sweat.
Today rolls around, and I didn't run in the AM as planned. Had to wait until about 5:30. It was blazing hot and humid, and I really didn't feel like doing anything..but in my mind, I was so wanting to run. Body and mind were arguing. Well, they argued throughout the run, but the mind won out. I completed the 4 miles on mostly flat paved path. It was tough tho. And now...now I'm beat.
The thing is, I have 7 tomorrow and 4 Weds. I'm used to going a mile or so longer than the plan suggests, but lately, I'm just about keeping up. Drats. Rest day will be Thurs. and the 14 mile long run will be Friday. I'm really nervous this week that I won't make it on Friday. My mind and heart want it...bad!! I just have to motivate my body to do it.
Is this a rut? I hope to snap out of it, b/c I still have a long way to go till 11/9...marathon day.
Anyway..just wanted to include how I'm feeling now, b/c it's the first time I ever felt stuck, and well, it's part of the journey I guess.
Going to bed now. Hey, reader...wake up. It's over.